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6 Reasons Why Your WordPress Blog Should Be Your Business Website

This is a presentation I’ve delivered many times and is no less relevant today than five years ago when I first started building successful blogs.  The greatest example of which was the award-winning blog for our cafe/deli business that positioned … Continue reading

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Killer Free Viral Traffic Tip That Anyone Can Use On Their Blog

Katie Freiling Blog

I recently discovered the blog of Katie Freiling – a very successful ‘Attraction Marketer’ with a great blog full of tips about social media, personal development and internet marketing.

As a blogger, I like how Katie has used her blog to increase her authority BEFORE trying to promote any of her products or business opportunities. This is the key reason, in my opinion, why so many network marketers, for example, fail to build a successful, profitable and sustainable business.

One thing struck me above all else however, is a supercool strategy she’s using that has attracted over 660 comments in less than 2 months. Continue reading

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How To Use A Blog To Build Your Business – At The Coaches Superconference

On Sunday I had the opportunity to talk to a group of about 40 Coaches at the Coaching and Consultants Superconference in London.

Although it was the first time I’d spoken in public to such a group, the subject of my presentation was one that has long been dear to my heart. That is… helping coaches and small business owners (or ‘solopreneurs’ as they say stateside) to create websites that are simple-to-use, yet immensely powerful business marketing machines.

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Case Study: The Power of Blogging and Podcasting for Life Coaches Everywhere

Yesterday I had the great pleasure to interview Paul Bailey and Gina Baksa from, about the huge impact that blogging and podcasting has had on their coaching careers.

Paul and Gina are two of a group of four life coaches that regularly contribute to the blog and podcast at Although they only started their new podcast in December 2008, they’ve just celebrated their 5000th download this week, some four months or so later. Furthermore, their audience is actually growing at the fantastic rate of 100% every 2/3 weeks!

During our interview they revealed just how the use of technology has helped transform their businesses as coaches, both in the way they are able to attract new clients, as well as actually carry out their coaching sessions in a relxed and flexible way – to the benefit of both coach and client.

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6 Reasons Why Successful Coaches or Therapists Should Have Their Own Websites

If you’re a coach or therapist with an already established, successful business, then you’ve probably already asked yourself this question whenever you hear the word ‘website’.

Leigh Peele's blog

Let’s face it, if you’ve already got more clients or patients than you have time for, what possible reason could there be for adding more work and expense to your already busy schedule?

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