For All Six Figure Traffic Summit Attendees… A Kindle Publishing Update

Kindle publishing

kindle publishing is simple, quick and free

This is a quick update for everyone that attended the ‘Six Figure Traffic Summit’ on Sunday.

Thanks to everyone for your kind feedback about the content from the event – I surely think there were some killer traffic generation strategies that were shared by Daniel, Stuart and myself.

My favourite free traffic strategy from the day was undoubtedly Kindle Publishing…

I was amazed to discover that in the last month, according to Amazon, for every 100 physical books sold on, they have sold over 180 Kindle ‘ebooks‘ …

Amazon is the 15th highest ranked site on the internet for traffic so the opportunity today is immense to publish reports and books on Kindle – all absolutely FREE!

So… what are YOU waiting for… Why don’t you start publishing everything you can on Kindle right now?

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