Live On Stage At The 7 Figure Formula Event

Back in September my business partner in Your Internet Buddies, Daniel Wagner, and I had the privilege of enjoying what we both agreed was possibly the most amazing weekend of both or business lives… that is, holding the 7 Figure Formula Event for 200 of our members and their guests on Sep 18/19 in London.

Now Daniel has a lot more experience of holding events and especially speaking at them than I do – and for good reason, the guy’s awesome… (as you can see in his introduction.)

But this was special… It was a ‘Customer Appreciation Event’ meaning it was totally free but as I say, exclusively for our members and their guests. Plus, none of the guest speakers were selling from the stage, and that meant the atmosphere was something special. In fact, it was amazing…

For me personally however, there were multiple reasons why it was so special, but there is one above all else. That was to have the luxury to share my journey of going from a 5-figure employee to becoming a 7-figure entrepreneur in less than 12 months.

Public speaking is not my strength, let me be clear, so first of all standing in front of an audience of 200 and feeling comfortable was already a victory, especially after not much sleep and being, erm, ‘over-prepared’…

Fortunately I was talking about a subject I feel passionately about, and it was all from personal experience. You see to me there is no doubt that the greatest challenge many people face in building a real business occurs when they’ve previously spent a considerable period of their life as an employee.

Why? Because the experience, training, habits, and lifestyle of an employee is normally 180 degrees opposite to that of a business owner. Even coming from a sales background as I did, the transition to running everything yourself in your business is a stiff challenge.

And the lessons I learned along the way in my journey from earning a comfortable salary to being my own ‘Alan Sugar’ (… perhaps not) were many and signficant.

So, in my presentation I explain what where the key learnings in that transition, as well as share some practical tips to help with personal development, time management and wealth creation. In fact, for once, marketing doesn’t feature too much at all… But not everything in business has to do with marketing. Again, I can talk from experience…

Being an expert on marketing means nothing until you have the right mindset, and personal effectiveness skills to cope with building and managing your own business.

So enjoy the presentation and best of luck in your journey in business. I’d love to hear about your experience along the way.

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  • darren

    Hey James,

    Firstly I hope you accept my sincere apploogys to you and Daniel for my ridicolous outburst the other night on your free webiar.

    I had enjoed a particular rough day at the office so to speak!

    Unfortunatley you and Daniel were the people to “cop an unfortunate one Rodney!”

    After I had hurled that un provoked abuse I realised that it was me who had tons more stuff to learn and having just watched you onstage talk about marketing realsie that this is what I need to learn more about.

    It was pure jealousy with which I scolded you and the fact that I haven’t taken enough action off late myself and was again jealous of your progress, last night did teach me a huge amount.

    1) Listen to people who take action…..copy succesfull people!

    2)Take action daily, no matter how small , as log as it builds a little closer to your goals.

    3) Blow a fuse ….now and again!

    Please take my humble applogys and I am deeply sorry for what I said to you and Daniel but I now atleast realise that it is amrketing that I need to study to become more succesfull and to align myself with succesfull action takers to become more succesfull….thanks for the indirect…direct piece of advice!

    Please pass this onto to that crazy Austrian half Cypriot kind of Dude…..and I hope I can buy you both a beer soon!

    I would love to catch up with you both soon and too learn my next move!

    Take care James.


  • James

    Hi Darren

    Thanks for the message – although I honestly can’t remember any outburst on our webinar, so it couldn’t have been that bad!

    If you’d like to work with Daniel and I next year the best way to do that is to join my team within The SixFigureMentors –

    Taking action is of course fundamental, but you also need to have a sound business model to implement, that was one of the points I made in the presentation…

    All the best

  • Anonymous

    Great one!

    Your gonna need some fight in you to succeed!

    Its the people who sit there and do nothing are the one that lose. You sound like you want it bad and that is fantastic!

    James is the best trainer I have seen online he is unbelievably awesome.

    I am so glad I found him and Daniel don’t let this opportunity go by grab it with both hands!

    Go Darren go!