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Firstly I’d like to give credit to Katie Freiling for the inspiration to create this page…

Rather than create a traditional ‘guestbook’ type page where visitors to this site can leave comments, this is a ‘safe space’ page where you can promote yourself and share what you do in your business or in your community…

So, why not introduce yourself below with a comment and let us know what you’re passionate about!  Spamming rules do not apply here… :)

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  • Gareth Coxon

    My name is Gareth Coxon and I’m Creative Director and owner of Dot Design >
    We design and create – from brand identity, attention grabbing print through to graphics for the web, basically anything you want to look fantastic!

    We believe successful design should be distinctive, memorable, simple and above all engaging.
    You can also follow me on Twitter >

    Thanks you for the opportunity James!

  • Sarah Olney Sodirect

    SO Direct is a new model agency for a new model economy. Our focus is on business & product development, helping businesses through driving sales, face to face, or online through the development of integrated marketing communications, e-commerce websites, internet marketing and PR. Our clients are in catering, tourism, coaching and training, retail, aerospace and defence. You can contact us through or email: and you can chat to me on Twitter at

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  • Andy & Heidi

    Hey James, it’s Andy & Heidi,

    We’re internet marketers, mentors, founding members of The Six Figure Mentors and private members of The Six Figure Community. We’ve been together now for around 3 years, we’re currently engaged and work together to help others achieve online success. We are true believers in the online marketing dream, the laptop lifestyle and we’re passionate about making others realise their potential.

    If you would like to learn more about us please visit our blog

    We look foward to connecting with you in the future. Andy and Heidi

  • Simon Guy

    Hi James,

    My name is Simon Guy also a member of the Six Figure Mentors teaching others how to use the power of the Internet to open new doors to their financial and time freedom

    For a further insight, check me out –

    Wishing you and everyone else who reads this the very best of success in which ever path you take in life

  • Andrew

    Hi, I’m Andrew Bridgewater from and the author of “The Alkaline Diet Success Formula”.
    I’m a member of the SFM and also a 1:1 mentoring client of James and Daniel.  I love helping other people overcome the challenges that I faced just a few years ago – low energy, poor health and a massive weight challenge !
    Check out my before and after pics – yes I ‘ve got the “T-shirt” and have already helped hundreds of people live with lasting energy and vitality.  These things are your birthright.
    I look forward to connecting with you,
    Kind regards, Andrew

  • Trevor

    Hi My name is Trevor and if anyone needs help with internet marketing I have a FREE video they can watch which shows the best internet marketers in the world tell their secrets.  If anyone needs a shortcut from information overload this may just help. The website is 

  • Grundt Gerda

    Hi Daniel and James. Thank you for your answer and the videos. I liked the video and I have learned from it. It is good and have an important message. I would like to use it, can I do that?
    My problem/frustration does not come from that. My problem is much more more basic. My website moroccogatetodreams has dissapeared? I don’t know how to change the ns and DNS. I want to get all my websites moved into SFM and myexpresssite, because as I can see, it is much easier for me to build up my websites and get on with the promotion of your blueprint and SFM and more. I go to Google for answers,explanations and I print out to  know, what to do, but then I go into another problem and then …. I am sitting on this computer the whole day, so my husbond says I have squared eyes, when I come out. That’s where my frustration comes from. It is also very lonely, to fight alone. I have though found some people to work with, and we have now got started. It took some time, because One wanted to quit his job first. But I think, it was good to wait, because,now we have to get going. 
    How are all the girls?

  • Ted

    Thanks for the opportunity!!! I’m Ted T. Ellis, I’m a professional full-time fine art painter creating original artwork and prints, pictorially documenting African American lifestyle, history and culture. I’ve been commissioned by Walt Disney, Coca Cola, ExxonMobil and several other corpoations. I’ve been exhibited in museums and placed in several collections. I donate my time speaking to students about following your passion and helping others. Please visit my website and read my blogs, .


    Ted T. Ellis!/TEllisFineArt