‘Snow And Grow Rich’ – A Lesson In Why Your Business NEEDS To Be Online

‘Snow And Grow Rich’
That’s one book title you *won’t* see on the Amazon bestseller list this xmas…
But perhaps you should, and let me explain why.

Last month one of our Inner Circle Mastermind students was busy driving to meetings around the UK in order to get new clients for his online services business.

Then the snow STRUCK… and all of the hard work in setting up these appointments was lost as one-by-one they all cancelled…

As I watch reports on the news of people stranded and businesses grinding to a halt I see many people suffering the same fate.

BUT, instead of giving up, he decides to hold a webinar from his HOME with a JV partner to promote his services.

The result…?

TWO sales at 5,000 GBP each (about 8,000 USD)!

What did he do next? Instead of giving up on the cancelled appointments, he’s going back to every single one to arrange another meeting using online conferencing software.

Early indications show that he will probably generate even MORE new clients this way than the ‘old’ method of travelling and meeting face-to-face.

So WHY is this relevant for you?

Because if you’re in a job or a business that DEMANDS you travel on a regular basis you are holding yourself  ‘hostage to fortune’ – especially here in the UK with its creaking transport infrastructure that collapses when the ‘wrong’ kind of leaves fall on railway tracks, let alone days of bombardment by relentless snowfall…

It has NEVER been more important, no matter what your job or business, to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of working ONLINE.

Contrary to what you might think, ‘real’ online marketing is still in a very early phase of  adoption, and the opportunities are LIMITLESS…

And there’s no BETTER way I know of in 2011 to learn the skills of online marketing than the Six Figure Mentors.

To be part of a positive community of like-minded, ambitious business owners, from whom you can learn valuable inside knowledge about what’s working online, is simply INVALUABLE.

If you’d like to find out more I strongly encourage you to watch the Six Figure Mentors Launch webinar replay:

The webinar – as well as our ‘4-pack’ bonus offer will be taken down by Tuesday 21st December.

So, if you’re even REMOTELY interested in freeing yourself from the limitations of traditional marketing to embrace the benefits of building a real business online, make sure you watch the webinar replay

For everyone who’s already joined my team, I’m totally excited about our working together in the future – and I know from your feedback you guys feel the same. :)

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